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Staff Members
Ivan Garber (CFO)

Ivan looks after the financial health, as well as helping guide the overall direction of the company.  He also manages the daily operations of the family grain farm that he operates along with his Dad and brother. He is co-owner of The Butcher Block and Smokehouse, Inc..

Jason Garber (President)

Jason, along with his brother Ivan, co-owns The Butcher Block & Smokehouse, Inc..  He helps guide the overall direction of the company. He also operates Kraut Creek Pastures, LLC., as well as Kraut Creek Natural Feed Co..  Kraut Creek Pastures is a grass farm that specializes in supplying it's growing clientele with 100% grassfed beef and lamb, as well as pastured non-GMO pork and poultry.  Kraut Creek Natural Feed Co. is a non-GMO feed wholesaler, distributing feed to its dealer and distributor network. 

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